Orka frá Árbæjarhjáleigu II

Orka frá Árbæjarhjáleigu II (8.0)
F: Jarl frá Árbæjarhjáleigu II (8.78)
M: Ósk frá Lækjarbotnum (8.26)

Orka has unique spirit and gaits, unique horse. Because she was not the biggest she wasn’t trained until this year. And with only 7 month training in total she has already got 8.00 in total in FIZO. 8.5 for tölt! Orka’s height is 136 cm so she is not the tallest but the charisma is like a big horse! What a power bomb. Orka is so much fun to ride and her gaits are amazing and still have a lot of potention to develop grately. Orka is a daughter of the Ófeigur frá Flugumýri daughter Ósk frá Lækjarbotnum (5 times 9 in ridden abilities as a fourgaiter. Tölt, trot, gallop, form under rider and willingness). Orka’s father is our Jarl frá Árbæjarhjáleigu (total: 8.78). Her pedigree is as you can see also unique. Orka is an expensive horse and I kindly ask only for serious possible buyers. Orka is a future horse eather for competition, breeding or the most fun riding horse ever.

Interested in Orka? Please don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

Ýmir frá Heysholti
Galdur frá Árbæjarhjáleigu 2
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