Diljá frá Skarði

Diljá is a luxury riding horse. Her gaits are soft to ride but always well seperated. Diljá can be suited for a wide range of riders. She has experienced big horse trips and always given everyone a lot of joy.

Here is a description from Ingvar Pétur Guðbjörnsson who borrowed Diljá in one of the big horse trips around Iceland:
,,Diljá is a hardworking mare which is always up to more work and is never giving up. Diljá can be ridden by many types of riders. She is always soft in the mouth and always easy to catch in a group. She has good gaits with a powerful tölt and a great trot. Someone who is looking for a horse who gives a lot of joy and wants to have a fun should ride Diljá, she is certainly that horse!”

Diljá frá Skarði
F: Klettur frá Hvammi
M: Hringja frá Skarði

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